viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009



Estilo: Dance

Hot stuff

Hot love, when you conclude
to love around me
Hot Stuff, show me the way
to heat inside me
Hot girl, don't stop
to move your body, baby
Hot time, 'cause only
you can drive me crazy

Stick to your guns
and nobody gonna hurt you
And do you know what I mean?
Get out your frame
if your frame is deep inside you
And you can see what I see

Oh baby, Hot Stuff,
You are the way to break me
Had lived a life just for you
It's only Hot Stuff,
you have the way to bring me, baby
You can play this joke on me

You have the way just for me

Hot time, maybe you know
I made my choice
Hot Stuff, forget tonight you'll be my joy
Hot girl, because I need
someone to hold me
Hot love, don't push away
your body from me

you have the way just for me

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